HODL: Another reminder

Hey Guys, just a little post which should work as a reminder:

A lot of people are complaining that litecoin is underperforming at the moment (or in general) and I can see the FUD everywhere.

And hey, just to be honest: I am worried too. Even though I can absolutely survive a crash that makes LTC worthless, it would hurt nevertheless. I hate it to see my portfolio not growing.

But don’t forget: That is the risk you are getting into with any coin.

But what I want to say: Don’t forget that litecoin is still unpopular. People who heard of Bitcoin never heard anything about LTC. I knew that ltc exist back then, but it never struck me to inform myself a bit more about it or to invest in it.

Don’t forget, there are many people like me who just understand slowly what cryptos are. And I am not even a newcomer in the classic sense, because I was using btc for … ehm… reasons… ehm ehm . But that shouldn’t be the topic right now.

The topic is: Don’t forget that its estimated that the cryptomarket will not stop growing from now on. Its a new form of technology that most of us do not understand yet but we will understand it all in 20-30 years. Sure which coins will profit from it, no one can say. But people will realize the use of ltc!

All of that is already brought to us by companys like PayPal which opens the eyes of many people.

I’m not promoting “HODL TILL DEATH”. But im promoting “HODL the amount for which you would thank yourself in the future”

You will always want to bite yourself for selling in the past. But you will be more mad at yourself not keeping enough in the future. Keep a good balance between these 2.


I think the biggest Issue in Crypto is their fixture in Fiat.
Litecoin is faster than Bitcoin, bitcoin can last up to 3 Days to get into another wallet. With Litecoin takes 10 minutes. the complaint of not surging like foam is a not valid, it has advantages. Look at the stablekcoins they are created for that reason.
Litecoin just need to position itself as the weapon of choice in E-commerce. It has almost all.

People need to write to customer attentions of Stripe, Klarna, those E-commerce gateways gain with litecoin and need to be convinced that LTC has a lot of Users.

So far Litecoin is used by Latin America to transport other currencies if you will. Swap whatever coin you want to channel to another wallet into Litecoin and re-converse them at the other end.