Hi everyone I'm new to Litecoin

Hello there guys, I’m quite new to litecoin and still reading a lot about crypto currencies. I’m looking forward to make some investments soon, and hopefully get some money. Hopefully I’ll share my success too on wealth.

Hi! Why have you decided to switch to litecoin?

Hi! Welcome! What are your future plans? :upside_down_face:

Hi! I’m a newbie too, and if you have some useful sources to learn crypto, could you share, please?:slight_smile:

Hi guys. Nice to meet you. I hope that I will learn a lot about crypto.

What kind of sources are you looking for?

Maybe forums with some useful info or whatever you think can be interesting for a newbie.

I’ve already found some sources about basic knowledge:)

Hey! I’m new here too, just came to wish you luck.


What made you switch over or are you fairly new to crypto as a whole?

Twitter, follow who the main players collaborate with; check out OmniLite, MimbleWimble, Flare, etc. There are a ton of long term holders who fud that actually accumulate. Research and critical thinking is best, welcome. :slight_smile:

Welcome to join the community!

Hi to all guys!

For anyone starting their careers in the crypto market, make sure that you study the market well because market volatility is not easy to handle.

Hi, welcome! This forum will help you in your learning journey. Good luck!