Hi everyone how to get lost litecoins into newly installed desktop wallet?

Hi All, Last year in December i transferred my litecoins from coinpot to my desktop ltc wallet. Because of my lappy got some problem, i lost my desktop ltc wallet which was installed previously.

So after so many months i again downloaded LTC wallet into my lappy now i can’t find my amount of ltc anymore. I have checked in the transactions it shows nothing in the wallet.

So please can anyone help me out how to retrieve my litecoins into my desktop wallet again.


Do you have a backup from the old wallet?
are you still using the same computer you initially created the first wallet with?

Hello I have the same problem if I have the backup my wallet.dat but it tells me that the password is not correct someone can recover me I have 3 litecoin and I do not want to lose them thanks for the help

if you have the newest version of litecoin downloaded “version 0.16.3”
you can replace the wallet.dat file in the appdata folder with your backup, then rename it wallet.dat and restart litecoin-qt
let me know if you need help finding your appdata folder

Hey Hii, thanks for your reply. I am using same Laptop but different RAM. So now how to get my litecoins. I have no BAT file and any backup also. please help me.


you would use your backup…
the wallet file is located in your “appdata” folder which can only be seen if you select “view hidden items” under “view”
navigate to c:\users(current user)\Roaming\Litecoin
then replace the wallet.dat file with your backup
then rename the file you just replaced “wallet.dat”
then start litecoin-qt

What’s a good way to contact you outside of the no rebly email

click the user name…then click message…then you can send a personal message…

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would you please help me out with setting up my solo mining ? ive left a message on here but had no reply from anyone