Hey I'm looking to get coins

Looking for coins how do I trade

In EU you can buy/sell Litecoins here:


if you want to sell/buy PLEASE use my referal:


Thanks, XuS

Hello, there are also many faucets to get free Litecoin. Below is one.


I can help you with a trade.

Coinbase is good place to start with buuying Litecoin. Coinbase is one of the biggest and most respected crypto exchanges out there. Plus you can use a credit/debit card if you’d like. Once you’ve purchased your Litecoins you can send them to GDAX, which is a part of Coinbase and trade them for free.

Here’s a link for a $10 bonus to get you started if you want… https://www.coinbase.com/join/5956ef56387e2806cac7ee33?

$10 isn’t much, but it’s a nice way to get your feet wet and see how the system works.

Good luck and enjoy the profits!

I vote for Coinbase, it needs registration and verification, but other than that it’s easy and convenient.

Coin Base is the best app

Are to looking to get/buy/earn Litecoins only? Or are you looking forward to get cryto coins? If the second one, then my suggestion will be Coinbase. May I ask your purpose?

Consider CoinBase - it works in conjunction with GDAX Marketplace and is a very conveinent place to buy.
If you use this link to sign up, you will receive $10 free worth of BitCoin if you spend $100 or more so its a nice starting bonus.

Best of luck!