Hey everyone! I'm an independent miner

planning to invest in over 50 ASIC miners (mainly Antminers) in the next few months. I’m looking for useful strategies to reduce the costs associated with mining Bitcoin since it’s quite expensive, from purchasing the miners to electricity and maintenance.
Some friends suggest looking for regions with low electricity costs and a cold environment for cooling the miners. However, mining is still a high-investment endeavor. Another option is to consider buying older models of miners, which might be more affordable.Maintenance is a concern, and I only have basic repair tools, which can be challenging.

Overall, I’m open to more cost-cutting strategies, from hardware optimization to minimizing downtime. Additionally, one friend suggested relative KS3 miners, and though I prefer Antminers, I’m keeping an eye on it. However, the high price of relative KS3 makes the decision harder asicfinder The data shows that it is currently priced at a minimum of $33,200 for reference only
In conclusion, I’m seeking further advice before making any decisions. Thanks!


If I were you I’d invest in solar paneling.

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are you running a miner now?