Help with old wallet app

Hi, Way back in 2014 or so I had coins in a Litecoin-QT wallet on this mac. Then I upgraded the Litecoin-QT and the coins were gone - zero. I tried to figure it out back then but could not fix it. I never got around to writing anything down or backing up (I know).
Just wondering if by default the app install would have replaced the wallet.dat or if there is any chance I can still recover my coins. I currently have v0.8.7.4-beta on the mac.

Thanks for the help!

Wallet upgrade does not by default replace wallet.dat

First, please try File >> Receiving addresses and check those public addresses on a block explorer:

If coins are there, we’ll know how to proceed.

If coins are there, also try running litecoin-qt --rescan from the command line (Mac Terminal/Console), to let litecoin-qt rescan the full blockchain and found missed coins on current wallet.dat.

It is possible, however, that you’ve created a new wallet.dat.
Please, try the two first options and, if needed, we can give it a try to find where is your old wallet.dat