Help with old wallet and an eight (8) word passphrase?

I am attempting to recover an old LTC wallet lost when a hard drive crashed. I have the old password, pin, and passphrase which is only eight words. The wallet is from around 2013 but I have no idea which wallet it was using. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Do you have the backup the wallet.dat ? If yes just download current Litecoin core software and pasted your wallet.dat to the appdata

if you dont have a backup of the wallet, its imposible to do anything.

I do not. I thought one just needed the passphrase to restore a wallet. Guess I am out 51 coins.

what do you mean hdd crash??? do you have that hdd?

I do but I have to send it somewhere they can completly rebuild it. It is nonfunctional but the disk inside may still be good. Local computer stores don’t do that type of work so I have to find someplace to mail it to.

Right now I am attempting to find a CD I might have backed that wallet up to. I thought perhaps I backed that computer up on an external hard drive too. Just checking all my options.

try to go to C: drive program file appdata litecoin see got any file is wallet.dat or not