Help with mining Litecoin

Can anyone in here help and or answer my question. If I need to start mining Litecoins what do I require. I am new to this.

A miner and power supply unit would probably be a good place to start. Ideally an L3+ With the release of ASIC miners for scrypt coins CPU and GPU mining is essentially dead.

Hi Danny1977,

You’re going to need some mining equipment, a mining pool, and a way to exchange your coins for other currencies.

There are ways to use your CPU to mine Litecoin, but that is no longer worthwhile and it is wiser to use ASIC miners for mining Litecoin. The best is the Antminer L3+.

Then you should find a Litecoin mining pool to work with. Here, you pool your resources with other miners and share the results. This makes your chances of finding Litecoin more reliable and consistent.

Finally, if you decide not to hold your Litecoin, you’ll want to find a Litecoin exchange where you can trade Litecoin.


Hi everyone is the BFL miner is good to mine Litecoins ?