HELP with LTC paper wallet

At the beginin I create a LTC paper wallet.
Then I used a electrum watching only wallet in order to see the balance into my wallet.

Yet I am looking for a way to send my LTC to another wallet but I did not find a way to do it.
Please, help me!

Use file > open or create.
This way you’ll be able to start a new electrum wallet. Use the import option.
Then, scan the qr of your paper wallet that contains the private key, it will usually start by 6.
That should be enough to transfer your coins to another wallet.

I have a same problem

please let us know what website did you use to generate your paper wallet.

@Angenor, @Juming:

how many coins are you trying to move?

All you need is

  1. be extra careful
  2. create a new electrum-ltc ( wallet
  3. sweep the private key of your paper wallet
  4. spend!

If you need private assistance, I can assist you remotely using e.g. TeamViewer, just send me a direct message. You can search for my messages on this forum and you’ll see I have helped others in the past.