Help with Coinomi and a 0 fee transaction

It has been around 48 hours now and my transfer is still unconfirmed.

I moved all my litecoins a while ago to Coinomi Android app. When I installed the app I remember changing the fee as I was curious if it was an editable field. I set it to zero.

Fast forward 2 months. I want to move some, I send the transaction, all is well…until 5 hours later I check and it’s still sitting unconfirmed. This is when I notice the 0 fee.

Someone mentioned doing a resend for the same amount with the same output, input and key for the same amount and it should get picked up and the other transaction. Does this sound right?

So I am wondering what happens? Are my coins forever stuck in unconfirmed? Any insight would be much appreciated!

Transaction in question


Don’t worry.

Your coins are not stuck forever. Sooner or later, your transaction will get either confirmed or forget by the entire network.

When it gets forget by the network, you should be able to retry moving your coins with a higher fee.
I haven’t used coinomi, but I think it should allow you to locally forget the tx to accelerate the process.

An alternative is to export your coinomi seed and import it into an SPV wallet like, and try there.


Here you can find info about how to force electrum (also applies to electrum-ltc) to locally erase a transaction.

If you need private assistance, I can do the work for you. As it should be an easy one, it will cost you 1% of stuck funds.
For this particular case, I won’t ask you to provide your coinomi seed/private keys.

I will only ask you to provide involved addresses (sending and receiving); not even xpub at all.

Let me know if you are interested.