Help to recover Litecoin - will pay reward!


I made the silly mistake of attempting to send litecoin from my Coinbase account to (a bitcoin wallet).

My coins now appear to be stuck in limbo. The transaction was confirmed but I didn’t receive any coins in my wallet. I checked blockcypher and they are currently sitting there unspent.

I’ve contacted both Coinbase and Localbitcoins to see if the coins can be recovered and both have said that the transaction is irreversible.

From what I’ve seen elsewhere online it is possible to recover them but the process is complicated. I am not technical at all so if someone is able to help me reclaim the coins with clear instructions in laymans terms I’d be happy to pay that person 1 litecoin for the trouble.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

Lets start with the first things first:

Who owns the bitcoin address where you sent the coins to?

It was sent to a wallet on my account on - so I assume they own the address?

(Technical knowledge is close to zero so you may have to be a little patient with me…)

It looks like with you don’t actually get the private key for your own addresses so in fact you don’t really own the address but does. can fix this by using the bitcoin’s address private key in a litecoin wallet. It’s not complicated but if is not willing to help there is no other option I’m afraid.

Coinbase can’t help because they don’t have private keys to’s addresses…

I will gladly help if they need assitance but I can’t imagine they would need help with this anyway…

If i were you I would tell exactly this and ask them once again to recover your ltc…

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OK I’ll try contacting They didn’t seem that interested in helping first time round but I’ll give it another shot with the info you just shared.

Appreciate the help. If I have any luck I’ll be back to send some ltc your way


Keep us posted!


If they keep telling you they can’t fix it. Please ask them why… because technically it’s certainly possible…

Will do. Thanks again for the help

Here’s what they came back with:

We are very sorry, but there is no way to recover transactions sent with the wrong cryptocurrency.

Is that true or are they being lazy?

They are just being lazy :frowning:

Did you send quite a lot of ltc ? Or small amounts?
For small amounts they might not be interested in looking at it…

What was the bitcoin address you sent ltc to?

I sent 4 ltc to this address: 38FF8fZHAYpfmsyq6ErUuyQ28UGVCZsNjg

Oh… it’s a multi signature wallet.
I think they might be right in this case then and won’t be able to recover the coins. :frowning:


OK so there isn’t anything else I can try?

I’m afraid not.
If can’t fix it you should consider them lost…

Or maybe is just a segwit-in-p2sh one. LB started using them a few weeks ago.

I think they are just being lazy. May be they are not willing to do anything for only 4 LTC.

So would I need localbitcoins to help me out or is there any way of getting the coins back without their help?

Sounds like if they’re not willing to help then the coins are lost… is that correct?

That is correct. Being know that LB is the owner of destination address’ private key, your only hope is convince them to help.
Otherwise, your coins are esentially lost forever.

May I suggest to ofer them to keep 1/4 or 1/2 of the lost funds. Better than nothing.