Help to decrypt passphrase

I need help please. I created a litecoin wallet in litecoin QT in late 2013. The private key was encrypted with a passphrase made up of 28 random words (selected by me) which I have written down and have in front of me now. The problem is, this passphrase, along with the public address, is all I have. No dat files or backups or anything else, just the passphrase.

Can I decrypt this passphrase back into a private key that I can use to access my wallet? If so, how?

Much appreciated,


qt wallets dont use 12 wors passphrases…only spend passphrases…if your password is all you have you cannot do anything with out a copy of the private key…

most wallets like mycelium or electum use 12 word phrases as backups…are you sure you used a core wallet?..

if you used core and encrypted the wallet using 12 words then that is not a backup I am sorry to say…

Thanks for your response.
It isn’t 12 word passphrase it’s 28 random words I chose. The piece of paper I wrote it on says Litecoin QT encryption passphrase above it but maybe I’m wrong and it’s an encrypted private key passphrase? I created this way back in Nov 2013.
Like I said, I have the public key, I can see the coins in balance,. I seem to remember that there was hype about encrypting private keys as brain wallets which I think this is what this is. If it is, how can I decrypt it?

Can you help or am I screwed?

if your phrase is not a private key then you cannot retrieve the coins…you must have a private key and passphrase for that key in order to import…usually saved as a wallet.dat file or dumped from the wallet and written down
Now if your phrase is a brainwallet…that is different…
should be able to open core and under console type importprivkey (followed by the brainwallet phrase)

check out and after you move your cursor enough to get it to count down to zero…click “wallet details” and paste your phrase in the private key box…then use the WIF format key to import your address to core wallet

assuming it returns the same public address