Help Recover Litecoin (REWARD)

A few days ago I seemingly sent litecoin to a dead wallet address. The wallet address was mine and I was sending the coins from coinbase. However, I was running an older version of Electrum (2.9 I believe) and so the coins just never showed up. I would attempt to receive the coins via Electrum 2.9 and I couldn’t. So, I downloaded the most recent version and it works but it gave me a new wallet address. My question is am I SOL or is there still a possibility I could get my coins back?

Could you post both old and new addresses, please?

Also, please post an screenshot of Addresses tab. It is going to look like this (mine is for electrum-bitcoin, tough):

You can enable Addresses tab on View >> Addresses menu

Here is a view of my addresses tab in Electrum 3.0.5

Here is the address I had sent the litecoin to

Do you have any useful info on

File >> Recently Opened?

It displays recently opened Litecoin wallets.

In may case, there are 5 recently opened wallets.

Also, please try File >> Open (CTRL + O). By default, it will show you the directory where your electrum-ltc wallets are stored, and there you can double click which one you want to open.

There is no useful information in the File>> Recently Opened tab. It displays my default wallet. Like I said, I sent the coins to an Electrum address that is outdated. I uninstalled the old version and installed the newer one because I couldn’t receive my coins on the older one

Did you by any chances took note of the “seed” that is generated when you setup electrum wallet?
It should be a list of 12 secret words that is generated at the bigining.

Having access to said list will let you regain control of disapeared coins.

Yes, I was given a seed and I put it into the updated Electrum and it still generated a new wallet address

still not received?

provide the address so other can copy, it is hard for other to eye-copy your address from a screen shot.

Post the address you sent the coins to.
Do you have the electrum seed for the wallet that owns that address?

Here is the old wallet address: LiCHq2cBjiyfQCSBow8gUTDSNBwgv8uQJw
Here is the new:
And yes i have the seed for the old address however when I initially put it into the updated Electrum wallet, it generated a new address instead of recovering my old address

old address has a balance of 2.123 LTC, maybe the words are not for that address/wallet,

do you have another set of seed?

also, do you have the data dir of the old wallet, or you deleted?

Please re-import (create a new wallet) your seed to a new electrum-ltc wallet.

Play arround with “BIP 39 seed” and “extend seed with custom words” options.
Same seed generates different addresses if it interpreted as BIP 39 or BIP 44 seed.