Help please! Inputs/Outputs LiteCoin Core

Greetings to all.
guys, I have a little misunderstanding of how the outputs work in the litecoin core.
yesterday I decided to transfer some of the coins to another wallet.

  1. I have the enable coin control features checkbox.
  2. I have coins stored at the same address.
  3. This address had three transactions.
  4. Each input is made to one address, that is, I have 3 inputs on one address.
    5.Each transaction has a different number of incoming coins.
  5. I want to spend coins from one of the inputs, this is the smallest amount of coins.

Now the problems itself:
When I select one of the inputs on which the coins are located, the “Amount” field disappears in the lightcoin core.
When I select all inputs, the “Amount” field also disappears.
that is, I cannot spend coins from a specific entrance, but I can only spend all the coins at once, as I understand it, and get change.

If you do not select any input at all, then Litecoin Core v0.16.3 (64-bit) displays the “Amount” field.

please tell me!

How can you spend coins from one of the inputs?
I would not like to send all coins at once and receive change.
I want to send from only one of the inputs that are on the same address.

Thank you very much, I will wait for an answer from someone.