HELP! Pay you 2 LiteCoins

HELP! I sent 100 LTC to my Trezor 2 days ago from Bittrex, using the “receive” address that Trezor generated.
First I sent some BTC, those went OK. Then I generated a new address and sent the LTC.
Bittrex shows “completed”, but BlockCypher shows my 99.99 are “Unspent”.

How to get my coins? -Freaking out!
(If you want to text answer that helps me: 16195201515)
Yes, I will send 2 coins to anyone that helps me get them. Thank you.

Did you try this? Read carefully.
If you have any funds on your wallet, secure them first.

[From another site]

If you didn’t wipe your Trezor at all, you may try to forget the wallet (click trash can icon), disconnect and connect again. This will force to reload the transaction history.

The master private key is build from your 24 words and optionally your passphrase. As long as you have the same 24 words and the same passphrase you should have the same addresses and your transaction should appear in your history.

If you had a passphrase before, you need to re-enable it while or after recovering your seed. In that case you can access your passphrase fee wallet by entering nothing in the passphrase field and the other wallet by entering the right passphrase.

If this is not the problem, it sounds like you have confused the 24 word seed. You may try to recover again, but if you have funds on your new wallet, secure them first, as you may lose them if you mistyped your seed when recovering.

[From another site]

Yes of course i removed and “forgot” it many times. Nothing yet.

Recently have alot complain from Trezor. U need to try to contact Trezor for the help

I wish I could help you, even without the 2 litecoins but unfortunately I can’t. When a transaction is made and it said completed but the account says differently I don’t know how to retrieve it except contacting the server (Trezor for you) and wait for a solution.

why don’t you post the addresses you used for this transaction,

was the second address a LTC address or you created an BTC address??

I dont know if ltc or btc. This is probably how i messed it up. Ugh!! Can not sleep…
I already contact bittrex and trezor…
Here is transaction:

for the others

Your coins:

What you need to do is this.

I think this will be more easy for you to follow…

reward here: LYvnXYUg2shakKJpEyqLy5qtzfXtudojFX

I did the process. Said successful. Still nothing on my trezor. Does it take time?

don’t know , give it some time, if not you can try the other method

actually, you coins are now on this address:


is this yours right?

Well now it generated a new “unspent” address. My trezor acted like it worked (required me to press the key to authorize transaction with a fee).
Then i re logged in after “forgetting” trezor.
Gosh…so scary.
New address is

so, got the coins in your LTC balance on the trezor?

Does not show up on my trezor