Help needed, 100ltc reward for insight

Not only can this problem be solved, it WILL be solved. If anyone can give me insight or idea that leads to solution there’s 100 ltc coming your way.

Situation is this: After 3 years I remembered that I have ltc wallet and was very delighted to find 1120 ltc (valued @ 5000 euros atm) inside the wallet. I’m not only broke but in debt, so I immediately tried to send these coins to a market place to cash them out. “The passphrase entered for the wallet decryption was incorrect” I have now been watching this error message for 2 days.

I have 2 versions of the wallet.dat file, both of the same wallet but dates differ. First one has been in AppData\Roaming\Litecoin this whole time and is dated 19:21 12.8.2014. So this is the last time Litecoin core was opened on this computer, before yesterday. Other wallet.dat i found from a usb stick and it’s dated 18:32 23.7.2013. This was 1 day after the coins were bought. I have two candidates for password. Both of them were found from old Password Safe file. First one was entered into PWS at 17:43 4.9.2013 and the other at 18:35 on the same day.

I can’t comprehend why the first password doesn’t open the older wallet.dat file which is dated well before the assumed pw change on 4.9.2013. Neither does the newer version (2014) of wallet.dat open with password entered into PWS at 18.35. Am I doing something wrong when swapping current wallet.dat with one of the backups? I just close litecoin core and replace the old wallet.dat with a new one, open core and see all those shiny coins in balance but no, I just can’t send them with neither password or any of the 100s of variations I’ve tried so far.

This wallet has not been used even once to send coins. This is how the wallet looks like all the coins have been received 1 day before the earliest surviving backup.

Found a piece of paper that has written on it some unrelated passwords from those times. I’m 100% sure that this paper was written after the assumed wallet pw change. After one password there’s a comment: “- mark can be / or \ because keyboard is not fully working”. There aren’t special symbols in the wallet pw candidates but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that one of the alphabets on that old keyboard was also malfunctioning. Even if the new password has been typed wrong because of this, the old password should be as it is written in PWS, otherwise pw couldn’t have been changed and therefore it should open the wallet.dat dated 23.7.2013. So this whole mess doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m missing something here. I had Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 at the time. This is a long shot but does anyone know what other keys might have been broken if - was turned into / or \ ? Also checked if QWERTZ was turned on and it yielded no results.

Both passwords are really strong. Both are a sentence of five words. This eliminates possibility that they have been typed wrong by accident. New password must be typed twice so the odds for a mistake are astronomical. If somehow this happened, the old password should still work on old backup because the password was changed using the old password and therefore could not have been typed wrong. This is assuming the password indeed was changed as PWS logs indicate.

Tricks that have been tried:
Reinstall from scratch.
Most obvious 1 letter typos including a list generated by a bot.
Checking if the good old Caps lock might have messed up the pw
Cursing and drinking.

Option that I’m planning on going forward with next is trying to brute force one of wallet versions. Which wallet version should I try to break into? Old password has 30 characters including spaces, consists of real words and no capital letters. New password is 23 characters long, consists of real words and the first letter in pw is capital letter.

Are there any theoretical possibility that this is not due to my own mistakes and it’s somehow related to a bug in ltc core, problem in my computer or something like that? does this work with litecoin core?

As a last resort maybe walletrecoveryservices com could help.

If you would like, you can send me the wallet files as attachments through private message or email, and the “list of words” you mention. I can run recovery tools against the wallet files.

No guarantees of course, but it’s definitely worth a try right.

No thank you. If all else fails, I’ll be going for as they have good rep.

Based on that response, I have no idea why you posted in the first place.

I wouldn’t expect anyone in a web forum to be able to guess exactly what you did, as far as your password is concerned.

For your sake I hope I am incorrect about that. Good luck.

Based on that passive aggressive response, I assume you are frustrated that you could not scam me.

I would expect someone in web forum might be able to tell me, for example, if changing the wallet password changes the password also for earlier backups. Or any insight or ideas that I might have missed.

As I have read all the other “help me, I lost pw” -threads, I’ve noticed they are filled with messages like the one you posted offering “help”. I have no doubt, have I sent you the files and passwords, I would not have seen those coins again.

Good luck

Frustrated? I’m not the one that is out 1000+ coins. I am a software developer who actually could have helped you. For the clueless, that is “could have” past tense.

I have no interest in your lost coins.

Maybe go read a user’s other posts in a forum before being high and mighty judgmental.

Good luck

Yes, being a software developer makes you trustworthy. And yes claiming to be software developer makes you a software developer.

And you accusing people who offer you help makes you what exactly?

This is my last response in this thread so don’t feel obligated to answer that question.

How about this, for fun go read my other threads where I assisted people with things including software. Then you can feel even smarter, or more paranoid, or whatever.


I know a way to recover your passphrase and brute force it where you strip out the wallet data but send me only the header of the wallet where i can attempt a brute-force based on the password you supply. This means you are at no risk of private keys being nicked by me. A 100 LTC bounty does sound nice and this is a risk free help for you. If you wish we can meet in person if you are in the UK and have a coffee over this at my house…

I have a couple of GPUs i could put to work on this, this is similar to what wallet recovery services do. They will ask for a 20% bounty.

I will do my best, PM me if you need help

you can put the backup in the app data folder of any litecoin core wallet then go to the debug window and type walletpassphrase “your walletpassphrase here” 600
dumpprivkey [your litecoin address here]

then copy that private key for each transaction into a new test document…now download litecoin as a fresh install…then you can open the console and do the same for -importprivkey(private key here)…



Thanks for all replies. I concluded that I’m out my depth on this issue and handed everything over to Dave at wallet recovery services. I might have used a little harsh words of cxop, because indeed I was the frustrated one. I have no way of knowing if anonymous people offering cracking services are legit or not, so while it would be naive to trust blindly, I should not have either accused anyone offering help.

Hey, it’s OK. All right so that wasn’t my last post. lol…

What you have here is exactly what I was implying with my original reply which you suspected was an attempt to get your coins. What I meant was indeed this. The reaching out to the forum, where individuals would have unknowing good or bad intentions, for an issue that ultimately involves turning over actual wallet data that makes things uncomfortable for you (unless you have an understanding of the wallet on par with jacobmayes94’s level).

So yeah Dave was your best bet along, at a relatively affordable price if he is successful. If he is not successful, pay close attention to what jacobmayes94 says and consider letting anyone who is interested “mine” for your password, without exposing your coins.

I read about your situation and don’t want to see anyone lose.

Best of luck

Let us know how this goes…

Hello mate,
After searching my own password issues I came across your post. I finally fixed my logging in issue by using the symbol ’ at the beginning and the end of the password (symbol key left of ENTER key), Example:
walletpassphrase ‘YOUR_PASSWORD’ 660

I hope this helps if you have not found a solution yet.

My LTC address just in-case :slight_smile: wish you luck!