Help my LTC is not Received

Hello. I sent LTC to my wallet at Bitconnectx more than 8hrs ago and it has not arrived jet. I checked the adress at Blockcypher and it said it was received but not spent (unspent) . Can anyone help me ?

Any print screen?

I have the exact same problem. I have no idea what to do. If I find a way I’ll be sure to let you know and vice versa if you don’t mind.

Hello Xue,
how can I sent you a Print screen?

Thank you Zzzzzoooo,
if I found a solution, I´ll let you know it too.

Ok so if you copy the Txid code (transfer ID code) from the site you sent it from and then go to bitconnectx website, at the top you will see something that says “If you have missing deposits, click here.”. After you click on that just paste the Txid code you copied earlier and your LTC should then appear. It worked for me anyway. Good luck!

I Thank you very mutch Zzzzzoooo,
it’s all Received…