Help my haste, I sent the amount if litecoin 26 to a wrong address

in my haste, I sent the amount if litecoin 26.71136820 to a wrong address.

The thing is I was supposed to transfer my coin to LITE COIN, instead it went to Litebar(LT1a6nr3GaWzuayLZdiFKvNdBT6zS4oAPb) by my mistake.

As to my current tipcoin stauts, I have neither a record of music transaction proceeding nor anything in my cryptopia exchange.

I have neither a record of my transaction proceeding nor nothing in my cryptopia exchange.

My block chaine id is b009fa1744cd596bc72d6684f1aba5cfa9c60e1f17fc14d37a5a670efa5b8459

plz help me… i cannot breath now…

plz…I am looking for my Savior.

I’m always checking your comments.

Will try to help you, if not to recover, at least to know what happened to your coins.

Okay. Just checked.

LiE2jwQU4xLBBDHdBFhpTjZdeA1yccjrsD (I asume that is you) sent ~26 BTC to LT1a6nr3GaWzuayLZdiFKvNdBT6zS4oAPb, which is a valid Litecoin Address.

Does LT1a6… belong to you? Do you have a private key to that address? Or was it an address of an exchange?

If it is the first, you should try import that private key in an LTC wallet and recover the control of those 26 LTC.

If that address is not yours, your only hope is that the exchange you send the coins by mistake own the private key to that address.

If neither you nor a trustful party (for instance, a trustful exchange) owns a private key to that address, they are lost forever.

Please provide aditional details; I’ll try to further help.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your help.

I have never used that address. And I did not own the private key.

You should ask if you have a private key on the exchange. All i can tell is the address I sent my coins by mistake was temporarily created by the crytopia exchange.

Also, it is not the address of Light Coin. It is the address of another coin (LITEBAR).

For the first time, I need to inquire about whether I have a private key on the exchanged exchange and Crytopia.

If both exchanges do not have my private key, can my light coin ever return to me?

If you ask for help from the Light Coin development team, can you solve it?

More and more nervous

Only Cryptopia can help you, you should contact them.

As @devbitcoin said, only cryptopia can help you on this.

If I understand you correctly, they give you that LITEBAR address, which happen to be also a valid LITECOIN address.

They have the private key to the LITEBAR address; chances are positive that that same private key can be used to claim Litecoin on that address.
So, if you are lucky, they will be able to help you.
As it will be a manual process on their end, I am sure they will charge you a fee to recover the lost founds, if they are able to help.

thank. It is not small money. I hope they help me.

They are not reading my ticket. I think I just have to wait.

Thank you very much for your help. I have a little hope of life.

I read a hopeful article. Someone sent Etherium to the Etherium Classic address on the Cryptopia Exchange, and it was recovered.

I wonder if this case is similar to my case.

I have not yet understood the private key.

I sent my litecoin to the litebar deposit address on the Cryptophia Exchange, and in the end my lite coin was sent to litecoin address, such as the litebar deposit address.

Do they have the private key of the address? Is there any way I can verify that?

The answer to my ticket did not come today either. I’m nervous

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If they had been already help someone else with ETH/ETC confussion, then you have hope. :slight_smile:

Give me a few hours to answer the other question.