Help LTC stuck 0 confirmation 1 LTC Reward for the solver

Hi support,

Hope you can help me out with this issue.

On the 18th of June i sent some Ltc from my Android LTC wallet (from the Google apptore) to my Poloniex wallet:

My android LTC wallet says i have 0 Ltc

and the transaction says : This payment has not been transmitted yet.
status: waiting for confirmation

sent: 18.54804641 LTC
My ltc adress:


My Poloniex wallet:


Hash: a09413969c1e176f92523feb4c34d1d06e73794e01faa8d88d3bf4b99f49b55e

I hope any one can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!!

I see the ~18.55 ltc balance still at your address:

You should be able to go ahead and send it anywhere you would like.

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Hi thanks for replying!

that seems impossible because the wallet says i have 0 ltc :frowning:

That wallet does not speak the truth, the blockchain always wins :smile:

I do not see that transaction hash in the blockchain or memory pool, meaning that as far as I can tell it was never broadcast.

If you click around in the wallet, is there a way to either delete the transaction or see the raw transaction?

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Could i open my android wallet in a desktop wallet (export) with more options and see if i could fix it somehow, because it has more options?

these are the 2 things i see

Ok, can you try a “Back up Keys” and then restore them on a different device and let me know if that works?

EDIT: Actually, could you try a “Reset Blockchain” first?

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Ok thanks i just did that…it is synchronizing with the network, 33 moths behind and syncing

edit: if this does’nt work i wil restore the wallet in another device…

will keep you posted


Hey man,

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: resetting the blockchain fixed the problem. my ltc are visible again.

i didn’t want to screw around with the settings of the wallet myself because i didn’t know what would happen :slight_smile:

i just sent some litecoin to a new wallet to test it out and that’s working now.

soooo what’s your ltc adress for your :gift:

Thanks for offering the reward, I appreciate it.

You hold onto the LTC for now and let’s watch it head for the moon! :beers:

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Wow didn’t see that one coming. Helping out and not taking the reward!

You sir are awesome! :smile:

Thanks a milliion again for the help and keep up the good work.

Cheerrsss! On the Moon!

Ps. Maybe someone could ad this site as support to the Description in the app on Google play so others could be helped out too.