HELP - Litecoin Lost

I had just sent a payment out of my wallet when believe it or not, my dogs bit through my ethernet cable. My wallet says the payment was sent but shapeshift never received it. Here is the transaction ID:


Clearly shows payment went out. How do I get the coins returned to my wallet??

Will the coins eventually be returned since shapeshift never received them??

Seriously, I have slightly over 12 Litecoins lost in cyberspace. What I am trying to find out is since the transaction was never completed yet the coins were deducted from my wallet, will i eventually be refunded because the receiver never received the coins? Or will this become my loss because the transmission was interrupted and is now somehow corrupt? This incident seems to point to some sort of flaw in the blockchain technology. In my case I will loose $550 dollars. If this were a larger transaction…

This experience seems to fly against the whole idea that blockchain transactions are inherently reliable.

It would seem that there is a risk of having your transaction interrupted by power failure and dropped network connectivity and loosing your funds

No response - Let’s try this. I will give 1 Litecoin to anyone who can resolve this issue. I do not know how the blockchain works but the transaction says it was received by someone who has not passed it on the ShapeShift. Is it possible to contact them??


“LQXadVcsbLZfX6gEK8JHdc22gVP1uowjZg” is you address right?

I can see 2 transactions. The original unconfirmed and then another confirmed pointing to the address above. Not sure but does this suggests the LTC was returned?

Maybe get your wallet to rescan the network. What wallet are you using?


Thanks for the reply mtrinder. Unfortunately I am using Exodus wallet which I believe generates a new address for transactions rather than keeping the same address. It has a different address for sending and receiving… so I think I am SOL for getting the funds back…

I don’t see what you are seeing on blockcypher. I only see the original transaction. Looks like someone reversed the transaction and charged a .5 coin fee??

Hey gbecker,

lookup the address - LQXadVcsbLZfX6gEK8JHdc22gVP1uowjZg - you can see the two transactions.

I would present this evidence to the Exodus wallet support, including this transaction id

It clearly shows that a reverse was done in good faith from ShapeShift (I assume).

I found this info also -

and this,

Exodus cofounder contact at (jprichardson) or at 402-500-0805.
He is the CTO of Exodus and this is his twitter handle @jprichardson.

From a 2 minute search around he seems reasonable and helpful. You’ve nothing to loose and a good amount of evidence in your favour. Their wallet infrastructure should be able to handle this. But in the future I believe that when you use ShapeShift you can put in a separate refund address that is different from the sending address as a failsafe.

Cheers and good-luck.

Thank you mtrinder! If I am able to retrieve the funds i would be more than happy to send you a Litecoin. I did put in the correct address for a refund which is different from the sending address in Exodus, which is different than the one in this transaction. Somehow I don’t think the transaction ever got to ShapeShift. It never appeared as received on their browser. At any rate I deeply appreciate your help.

Sure no worries. Interested to hear whether Exodus help you out.

Thank you mtrinder for the link showing how to refresh my Exodus wallet!!! The funds are now back!!! Please give me your address and I will send you the Litecoin…

Thanks gbecker,


So glad it worked out :slight_smile:

I know I would have been feeling sick about losing coins like that.

Cheers again!

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Just tried to send you the coin and got this error:

This maybe why the original transaction failed… I am contact support now. As soon as it get it resolved I will you the coin.

Thanks again!

No worries. Seems there’s been lots of issues in crypto coin network over night. cheers.

Just sent you the promised 1 Litecoin. The original transaction with Shapeshift finally went through this morning free up my account. Thanks again for your help…

Just received it. Thanks!
Once again, I’m happy you got your coins back.
And your dog now knows to stay away from ethernet cables, right?

LOL The dogs are off at dog training school now!!