Help: Litecoin Brain wallet passphrase to private key?

I need help retrieving a private key to access my litecoins.
Way back in 2013 I bought some litecoins and generated a encryption passphrase of 30 words long to protect my wallet. I have this passphrase written down with me. I know the public address and can see the coins are still in the balance. How can I convert my passphrase back to a private key?
Do I need to convert my passphrase to a sha256 string them convert that to a private key? If so How?
Unfortunately I can’t remember what site I generated the passphrase from originally. On the piece of paper it say litecoin QT encryption passphrase though.
I have no other information or files etc just the public address and encrypted passphrase. Can you help please?

passpharses are sha512 so that is probably the string you need to convert the phrase to…

I have never messed with brain wallets myself but its worth a shot…

checkout and once you get it to the next page after making it count down to zero you can click “wallet details” and enter your private key and convert it to WIF format…also you may be able to recover your wallet using information at that site under “brain wallet” tab

Ah right, maybe I’m getting somewhere now. You see I did what you said and typed in the 28 word phrase in brain wallet section and it gave me a private key and public key. However, the public key is not the same as the one that holds my coins. Does that mean something isn’t right?
If that is the correct private key, what can I do now to access the coins because the debug window command is returning error5 when I type that private key in.

Really appreciate you helping me

quite possible that the address is just returned as a different format of public key…is the amount the same? what about the transactions into and out of it?

I was thinking about it and I am pretty sure that a brain wallet is just a non random private key so you should be able to just open core wallet and under console type importprivkey (followed by brainwallet phrase)
Not too sure on that exactly as far as importing the brain wallet

make sure you are using the WIF form of the private key…click “wallet details” then enter the private key in that and it should give you like 6 different keys…use the WIF one to import into core

it is possible to make multiple wallets with the same brain wallet phrase…just every time you encrypt it …it gives you a different private key that you’d use every time…one rule of bitcoin is that it wont ever use the same address when making address’ from private keys…

the order it goes in from scratch code it…you create a private key either randomly or from a phrase like a brain wallet…then using sha256 (2times) it hashes that into a private key…then your private key is hashed again using sha256 giving you a public key…

you encrypt this information with a passphrase(which is sha512)
if not encrypted then hashes only happen 3 times

my point is that every time it will be a new private key according to the rules of bitcoin…otherwise everyone could use “brainwallet” as their brain wallet phrase and the first one to spend it gets all the coins…so instead bitcoin uses an address only once…

check out “vanity address” which is hashing until you get a public key that has the characters you want at the beginning…it does this in a way that is similar to mining

Thanks for all your help. I’ll play around and see if anything works and get back to you if it does.

I was wrong about the brain wallet beiung usded twice…if you type your brain wallet in exactly the same then it should spit out the same public address…if you change anything like add a space or use a capital letter add an S …anything at all…it will be a different address…
it also depends on how you created your brain wallet…
in python wallet to create a private key from a brain wallet you can just use priv = sha256(brainwallet)

and that will give you the sha256 of the bain wallet as your private key…then in python your do privtopub and then pudtoaddr to get the public key