Help is needed! Joint action against Freewallet scammers

Our project Stop Freewallet Fraud was created to help victims of fraudsters get their assets back. But our second goal is to make the Freewallet scam app disappear forever. We will need your help with this!

Please take 10 minutes to send complaints about the actions of the Freewallet administration. Send abuses to NameCheap, Cloudflare, AppStore and sign our petition.

Full instructions are available at this link - https ://

If you lost money because of Freewallet scam, write your story in a few sentences. Find out the amount that the scammers stole from you. Add this to your abuse and write that you demand that the Freewallet org service be blocked.

If you yourself have not lost assets, but sympathize with the victims, simply sign our petition or send a short letter to NameCheap or Cloudflare calling for the removal of the scammer’s application.

Thanks to everyone for his/her activity!

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