Help importing wallet.dat file to Core

I need some help please. I recently had to reset my pc, so I made a backup of my wallet.dat file and stored it on USB.
I redownloaded the Core blockchain and tried to replace the default wallet.dat file with the backup one.
I did this by replacing it in the appdata/roaming file.

However, when I close Core and reopen it it automatically keeps creating a new wallet.dat file which overides my imported one, and leaves me with a balance reading of 0.
I know the coins are there as I checked.

Why is it doing this? My backup file is 68kb btw.

If all else fails and the backup file didn’t work, will I still have access to my coins if I have the private key whcih I have written down?
I’m panicking a bit now, so please please advice me!

much appreciated,


I was being stupid. I didn’t rename the backup wallet.dat. It’s all sorted now.
Jeeez, litecoin wallets can be simple and hugely panic inducing at the same time to us newbies.
Keep up the great work!