HELP I lost my LTC with Litecoin Core Update


A few days ago i’ve send it 1 LTC from my wallet. I did have LITECOIN - QT version v0.8.5.1. But this proccess is stuck and i get Status 0/Unconfirmed a doesn’t appear in blockchain transaction. Searching, some people says that i’ve need to update to 0.13 core LTC and i did it… i’ve didn’t make backup wallet because in forums didn’t explain that, but now i have 0 LTC and I had 16… what can i do??

your gonna have to get the private key off the can usually just open console and type unlock (passphrase) 1000 dumpprivkey (priv key for the transaction not the wallet)version some how and sweep it into the new wallet…I am having this same issue…I thought I was crazy and was missing 3 coins when I updated back in January but now I have two core wallets with the same keys in both showing two different balances…I just made a post about this type of issue as well…hope we can get some answers from development team on this…I have a feeling I have money that I don’t know about because I have gone through hundreds of coins and never made any change address like the stubborn idiot I am


but i don’t know how can i unlock if i don’t have key for transaction. I update the software and i have a new wallet and the older dissapear.

you unlock your wallet with you password and then use your address to get the private key…

unlock (passphrase) 1000
dumpprivkey (priv key for the transaction not the wallet)

result = private key for transaction

this is not the transaction id but is your personal private key (or spend key)

the private keys are what the “physical coins” actually are

you wallet can only get a private key that is located in your wallet.dat file located in your application data folder…if the transaction key is not hashed in with the rest then your wallet wont find it and oyu never had the transaction sent to that address in the first place

look up the public address for the transaction you had the coins sent to first and make sure there are coins in there (unspent outputs)
go here and type the public address ( or send to/load address) and it will tell you the balance of any public key

But how i unlock my wallet, if when i install the new software my old wallet dissapear??

you don’t “unlock” your wallet when you upgrade…you only need to type a password in core wallets when you send coins…or dump private keys
your old wallet didn’t “disappear” unless you deleted it…which is both your backup .dat file and your wallet.dat file located in your app data folder…when you upgrade it uses the same appdata folder…if you told the new installation to save the blockchain data in a new location and re-downloaded the block chain then there is your problem…but by default wallet.dat is located at
c:\users(current user)\Appdata\Roaming\Litecoin in windows…

this is where you would replace the wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it then restart qt…

my external drive wallet uses the data folder I created on the external drive because I am starting qt with a batchfile that is telling qt to store the blockchain data there…which could also be one of my problems as well come to think of it…