Help! I accidentally sent LTC (from Huobi) to a BTC (Luno) address

Any possibility to retrieve it?

This is the BTC address: 3NV4LNTNv6qHGR3zsXSLDq7ei4XVWK8hZN

This is the transaction ID: 38b7ea20beffb2f420e83350c6df7a8758cebdbb4db6f051c9616634a70aee52

Sorry, you didn’t. Take a look at the transaction. There’s no BTC address on it as the network would have rejected such thing.

You’re right but the BTC network DID NOT REJECT it. Look at the attachment.

When I put in the BTC address of ‘3NV4LNTNv6qHGR3zsXSLDq7ei4XVWK8hZN’ to send 1 LTC, the transaction passed with the ID of ‘38b7ea20beffb2f420e83350c6df7a8758cebdbb4db6f051c9616634a70aee52’

On Blockcypher, the transaction ID shows that the 1 LTC is received and unspent on a new, unknown address of ‘MUhCeFsLsDgi4vKtyQRg3UN42m7wYABvcG’

I have no idea where this address comes from.


Talk to Huobi support. They may help.

From the blockchain perspective this 1.0 LTC seems to be sent to this address. LTC Address MUhCeFsLsDgi4vKtyQRg3UN42m7wYABvcG | BlockCypher

This is due lack of proper validation of Huobi.

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Unspend Crypto are recoverable?

Unspent are the amount still hanging on that address.

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I asked their customer support. They’re unable to help.

An exchange won’t really be able to help you with that. The recovery of LTC would require their BTC private key. At an exchange nobody should have that in an accessible way. Sorry to say, but your LTC is gone.