Help Finding LTC - REWARD

When LTC was at $30 or so I put 33 of them into a paper wallet. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to find them. Yes, I do have the wallet addresses (private and public).

I bought them from Cryptostreet and then sent them to the paper wallet that I created online. I went back to check recently and I couldn’t find them on there. This leads me to believe one of 3 things has happened:

  1. I never had them in the first place (Crypto Street went under and was kinda shady)
  2. I messed up sending them in the first place
  3. I can’t figure out how to uncover them

I will give someone 1.5 LTC (~$250) if they can help me find them. I will obviously be vetting anyone who helps as I will have to provide them with some information in order to do this.


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You do have your private address? How many characters is it?

And if you enter your PUBLIC address on this website, does it show any balance?

I will have to check when I get home from the office (I keep the paper stored safely), but I will update you

If you have both your public & private key I will advice you on how to import that key in a wallet and restore your coins. So, I’m in for the reward :slight_smile:

How many hours before you get home? Over here it’s already evening (8.43 pm)

PS: NEVER EVER send your private key to anyone. Nobody needs it except you.

Yeah, thanks, I was aware of the private key thing…appreciate the reminder, though. I won’t be home until late tonight (it’s 3 PM here), so we might have to pick this back up tomorrow.

Okay. I’m not home tomorrow but I’ll try to check here as often as I can.

do what akke said, check the balance of the paper wallet.

of the balance is there, good, you will need to sweep the paper wallet if you want to use the coins,

if there is no balance, them you never had the coins in the paper wallet, unless there are transaction or something…

good luck

  1. Grab a copy of electrum-ltc
  2. Create a new wallet.

Write down the seed (12 random words) on paper

  1. sweep private key on electrum-ltc

Your 33 coins (minus sweep transaction fee) are now available on your new wallet.

Please, report back if you have any downbacks during the process.
Also, feel free to PM me if needed.


That’s the public wallet address. Says no coins and no transactions. I can’t imagine I did this wrong when I did it, but apparently I did. I have tried contacting Crypto Street but have had no luck. Coins are gone, huh?

Same private key can be used in multiple format (for example, compressed vs no-compressed format), and thus producing multiple public wallet addresses.
May be this is your case.

When, where and how did you create your paper wallet?
May be did you use

Hey, sorry for the delay…there were a lot of responses and this got lost in the middle. If I sent to my private key, will this retrieve them?

And to answer your questions, I did use about 5 years ago. I created it in my apartment (live in downtown Miami).

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See this example:

There are two different public addresses and two different private addresses as well (one starting with 6 and another starting with T).

In the paper wallet that you generated 5 years ago, do you have 2 of each as well?
If so, try to import all of them to your electrum wallet. :slight_smile:

Please be very careful and KEEP PRIVATE YOUR PRIVATE KEY, otherwise you’ll lose your funds.

If you happen to need any private/personal assistance, feel free to PM me (clicking on my profile picture).

Weird. I only have 1 private and 1 public, but it’s definitely from i’m going to try to sweep and see what happens.

Put that private on liteaddress’ tab Wallet details, it will give you the other private address formats.

please don’t share your e-mail or other contact details publicly. If you do so, how could you be sure that I am the one who emailed you?

I am going to PM you.

Yeah, remove your email address. It’s never a good idea to make that public.
Think about spammers too!

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removed thanks - now to figure out how to check DMs

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