hello I am new here


Want to know more about crypto… can anyone help???


what do you want to know?
it works like email where your address is just that…the message is the amount and your password to send coins is your private key
blockchains use “public key cryptography”
minable cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks thus making coins impossible to counterfeit
there is plenty of information on wiki along with many many videos on youtube


This blog article titled “Why are there so many cryptocurrencies” seemed to be helpful for me… I
also suggest you read the BTC white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto to help you out


Hi! What about books on crypto or trading, guys? Did anyone read anything in particular?


What exactly you want to know? I started with youtube videos to educate myself, so I recommend you as well


Found this cryptocurrency books digest https://coindiligent.com/best-cryptocurrency-books