Heavy Duty Diesel Generator 1000KW


1000 KW heavy duty diesel electric generator set - blue colour

Engine: Yuchai YC6C1660-D30
Alternator: Starlight TFW2-1000-4
Controller: SmartGen or Deep Sea control module

Delivery time: within 10 days
Warranty: one year or up to 1,400 running hours after delivery, quick-wear parts are not in the scope of the warranty.



LoL. Every 10 months to a year or so I get a post from these guys. I think they think we are mining Silver or something. I leave it up, in that, who knows, you may need this for your ‘Crypto Bunker’ end of days place :slight_smile:

Crypto ‘end of the world’ whales I doubt are on here thou…


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I don’t understand



Why are you trying to sell a Generator on a group that mines cryptocurrencies like Litecoin?

We are not mining stuff out of the earth, we use equipment to mine or make with ASIC computer equipment


If I am in error and you are really trying to sell generators via this site to crypto data halls etc…good luck
most data halls don’t need a generator for their (in the past) cheap electric due to location and are closing down (at least in USA) so no hope their on selling your equipment IMHO.

Anyway, good luck, but mining crypto is a way of explaining how ASIC equipment is used to get cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. So if you thought thru translation error that this site did REAL
dig in the dirt minig you are mistaken.

Regardless, good luck on your sale, here or elsewhere


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