hashAdder 1.0 Private Key Recovery Tool is finally Ready and Working!

After much testing hashAdder 1.0 , a optimized private key recovery tool, is ready and working.
Please check out my website which gives a link to the github page at:

or the github page here:

Please read the description. A youtube video that explains how it works in detail is coming very soon.
Feel free to check out my current videos on the math behind bitcoin / litecoin here:

You must have the python tinyEC.py package preinstalled to run it.
Just run the program from command prompt / terminal using python3 and follow the prompts.
Feel free to message me with any questions.

Plans for Development:
Current Version 1.0
multiplies and divides an input public key bey every combination of 2 and 3 and organizes the result in a hashtable that is referenced using the prefix of the x-coordinate. (Detailed Explanation in Youtube video to come)
The next version (2.0) will support more than one key input to be recovered and will allow for the collision lists to be written to disk so they do not have to be created with every start of the program. This will allow for very large lists to be saved and searched at the users leisure.
3.) will support multithreading and multicore processing
and 4.0 will support GPUs

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Can you explain what this script can be used for (so that the average person understands?)

to recover a private key using the corresponding public key…it searches randomly until it finds a match…feel free to read the description on the github page

I will be making a video that explains it in great detail in the next coule of weeks…I am currently moving to a new place…once I am setup I will be making a series of videos about it

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NOTE: a brief description of the basics you can check out the description of “privateKeyFinder.py” on my github page. That was my first tool…hashAdder is a modified better version of that basic concept