Has LTC or Coin base been hacked?

Hello. I sent some coins from my LTC Wallet to my coin base wallet. They never showed up
. I checked the transaction, it shows the correct wallet address and the transaction code/number. Coin base says they never got it. Have you guys been hacked? Can you tell me why everything is correct but they are missing? More importantly can you fix this? Thanks Greg
PS I made this transaction yesterday around 4 on I think… And it still is not showing up.

hello, post more info, like the transaction txid or the public addresses,

I will. But right now the computer is all of a sudden,saying I am,21,weeks,behind and is up dating, I don’t dare touch it till its done. When it is I will copy and paste the transaction I’d… It may take a while. It does also say that 0 of 6 confirmations have been completed… How can,I do a transaction and not have any confirmations? I am,really confused…

Ok here is what is going on
I have an old litecoin wallet.
I made a request to send my coins to coin base.
So on the screen I see a bla box with xxx balance
Then above that I see another box but it is kind of grey and it says negative xxx
Or also has a question mark.
When I check the block chain on the internet is shows my balance. BUT it show NO transaction that I did.
When I go back to my computer and click on the transaction. It pops up a trans action number but says 0 of 6 verified,
I tried to resend it But my computer won’t let me because it says I have a zero balance even though the wallet address on the block chain still shows my original balance and no other transactions…
I backed up my wallet but how do you install a wallet from a back up? There is no option for that it only says “back up wallet” on the menu.
Just for giggles I did pop open the debug file but I have no idea how to use it. The block chain is current ( on the old program) but it does have a lot of error listed at the top of the page…

what wallet are you using, version of the wallet?

I hat the old version 8 on computer 1 I made a back up wallet

Then I went to computer 2 and installed a new wallet from litecoin or bee 14…
I placed the backup wallet in the appdatfile
Every thing showed up but when I go to send some coin it says wrong pass phrase.

So I went back to computer I and checked the phrase and it is correct.

I backed up the file again.
Now I went to computer 2 and erased all of the files and reinstalled the data. Then I closed the file program without a pass phrase. I then went in the appdata and put the backup back in there.
Now I just opened the program an it is going back to 2011…
So far nothing is showing in the balance but its only been a little while