Has Charles Lee been working a new project?

I was wondering if Charlie has been working on any new projects? If so, let’s discuss.:grinning::grinning:

You are aware that LTC went thru an update?

What new user level features were added? No biggie. I’m just curious.
Thank you,
Gary Highberger

No, not at all. I’ve been sitting on my Litecoin for quite a while and have not kept up with the community. Just want to get back in and reconnected. !

have a look: https://criptomonedaseico.com/en/news-en/litecoin-ltc-releases-ltc-core-0-17-1-features-new-updates-and-privacy-solutions-for-users/

Got it. Thanks!

Nobody but Charles itself knows the truth. BTW, litecoin has seen some recent updates.

Welcome back. Keep in touch.

Thanks for the update, man!