Has Charles Lee been working a new project?

I was wondering if Charlie has been working on any new projects? If so, let’s discuss.:grinning::grinning:

You are aware that LTC went thru an update?

What new user level features were added? No biggie. I’m just curious.
Thank you,
Gary Highberger

No, not at all. I’ve been sitting on my Litecoin for quite a while and have not kept up with the community. Just want to get back in and reconnected. !

have a look: https://criptomonedaseico.com/en/news-en/litecoin-ltc-releases-ltc-core-0-17-1-features-new-updates-and-privacy-solutions-for-users/

Got it. Thanks!

Nobody but Charles itself knows the truth. BTW, litecoin has seen some recent updates.

Welcome back. Keep in touch.

Thanks for the update, man!

Yes he is currently figuring out ways to convert all his funds to ETH and BTC before it is too late.

ETH??? Are you nuts???

ETH has gone from $15 in 2017, now it is $1,800. It has outperformed BTC by 4:1, and it has outperformed LTC by 20:1. You are nuts if you don’t consider that.

ETH is not PoW anymore. As @coblee said so many times: Bitcoin is Gold, LTC is Silver, ETH is Gasoline. You don’t keep gasoline if you don’t plan to use it.

You are right that it overperformed BTC and LTC, but take a look a the ETHBTC monthly chart. It is falling to keep a further up movement.

BTW: Temporary Transaction Finality Glitch Disrupts Ethereum Network for 25 Minutes, Developers Investigate the Cause – Bitcoin News

Well its a impractical coin to pay for goods, to pass them over borders. Crypto is a P2P network and not a money printing business, actually when reading the whitepaper Bitcoin its quite contrary to POS and how ETH has evolved.

As Charlie said many times before, PoS was there before BTC. PoW is the innovation that was needed to construct a real p2p network. Otherwise, we are just printing money and agreeing that value > 0. Of course, it can be done and actually dollar (fiat) do it. But could we do better? Yes! And we already did: Bitcoin and Litecoin!

Your theories are great. But in the real world we make money to survive and thrive. LTC keeps losing ground as a store of wealth. Do you want to be left holding the next BETAMAX which was technically superior to VHS format but was abandoned. My wealth has exploded holding ETH and BTC as my core assets. LTC is my favorite payment coin, but ■■■■ you have to store your wealth in an asset that appreciates. Wake up before your money is gone.

Bitcoin is THE store of wealth. ETH is THE current leader in adopting new applications as 2nd layer protocols. LTC has none of this. You quote @coblee like his words are holy scripture. He bailed out of LTC in 2017 at $300 and laughed all the way to the meme bank. Him stating LTC is silver to gold is meaningless. My opinion is LTC is the DOGECOIN to BTC. It’s great method of payment, but how many payments do you need to make. Keep your wealth in appreciating assets like BTC and ETH, the rest is all a junk. If you keep putting your faith in LTC you will miss all the opportunity. BTC is currently 150% of it’s 2017 high. LTC is trading at a third of it’s 2017 highs. How many times do you need a 2" x 4" across your forehead before you get the picture. You can’t fix stupid.

Let me guess you are unhappy with the price?

I don’t care what the price is. My LTC is a tiny fraction of my digital assets. It always underperforms since 2017 when LEE dumped his holdings at the top, never to be at those highs again, while BTC went on to 4x that top and ETH did even better, why hold an asset that doesn’t appreciate. Hold enough for your payment needs if you like to spend it.

You theory is also great, but you are missing the axiom: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. You are not going to make money buying BTC or ETH right now.

The first mistake that I made was buying LTC at 0.33 early 2014. I sold at 0.22 at a big loss. Then I decided to balance between BTC and LTC and buy just at low prices. I am pretty happy with my decisions. Not only I recovered from previous loss and then made some good amount of profit.

I do regret selling a few ETH that I had at 0.025 on 2020 but with my trading skills at the time, I was not foreseeing 230%. But I will NOT make the same mistake with LTC.

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