Hardfork litcoin cash

How we can to get benefits with the next litecoin’s hardfork?
Whats are the steps to obtein litecoincash from this hard fork?


Well the group doing litcoincash are anon indeed, charlie lee of litecoin says they are a scam/fraud…and supposedly for every litecoin you hold they will give you 10 litecoin cash

what do I know, I predicted on bitcointalk thread someplace that bitcoin cash as an example would be 12c…

so I’ve no idea

Try to get private key off on wallet but I keep get this error message

Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code

Does anyone know what this means

I want to yank out my KNC 550gh Jupiter(s) Sha-256 miners and mine this Litecoin Cash…just to get them back up…(what the hell, I can also use the space heater heat, in the basment as an excuse)

Anyone else approaching this with old sha-256 btc equip? (they are using this protocol)