Halving airdrop scam?

Hi there, noob here so please be kind…I believe I might have fallen for a scam…charlie-lee-promo-ltc.netlify dot com. Was linked from the official Charlie Lee twitter account…
Feel a bit like an idiot… anything I can do to try to recover the funds?

Hello, I also followed the link from the page charlie-lee-promo-ltc.netlify dot com on official Charlie Lee Twitter to the site, and sent LTC there and now I realized that I was deceived.

adress # LMrz8nmGbjKUyWzgxjPH7kyjGSv1kZW9oa

yeah, I’d guess that is the case. People often post on his twitter account scam links…he can’t do anything about such

if this is the official page https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite then what appears on it would like to believe that this is not a hoax. Over the past week, an ad about airdrop has appeared 3 times.

Do a google search of all the times that there has been a scam posted on charlie lee’s twitter thread…

see here for example charlie lee twitter thread scam links

the follwing below is there


these are not from charlie lee or anyone legit …these are replies to his (as you say) official twitter

posting twitter site

been this way for years. Just saying, don’t do anything on anyone’s twitter feed via a link for something like bonus/gift/buy/equipment or whatever

scammers would not work …unless they found a loophole and this is one to post a reply on a legit twitter thread to look legit


I would say likely in that it is hidden under media kits (or press releases)

this may be pulled as spam

I’m not sending 3 LTC on the chance of 20,000 LTC no matter how legit anyway…that seems stupid even if not a scam

I’m betting it is a scam post under media (press releases) and will get pulled

anyway, if it is legit, was set up and posted in a scammy way IMHO anyway


FYI. deleted new account spam’ing stuff here outside of the above topic question.

But I’d not trust ANY TWITTER link of ANYONE as not being spam/scam for your $$$



Oh well, let’s see if this can be useful for someone else at least…see screenshot https://photos.app.goo.gl/dQxzENJEdup7ZwTC7
(Looks like I cant attach images yet).
Not an excuse really, but the little blue tick makes the difference clearly; easly missed when on the phone and in FOMO…:see_no_evil:

Yep. My solution is just don’t play that kinda stuff. Even if legit the odds are so long why the hell risk it? :slight_smile: