Had litecoin sent to btc address

Had litecoin sent from Coinbase to my bitstamp btc address by mistake this is the transaction ID 1e30c11c4c7eaf07610a7f2c2ae1f79163878703fed1d6d77559a78b02a42e19 what do I need to do to recover funds I tried contacting bitstamp and Coinbase Support yesterday but they still have not responded

I was told once that such stuff will eventually bounce back to your wallet…not sure about coinbase support…they have a disclaimer that says (for BCH anyway) IF you send to the wrong address under
that area…your funds will be lost…

hopefully, you will be able to get your coins back and this does NOT apply to LTC to BTC also.

good luck


edit: looked at your transaction info…looks like it went to a LTC address…(ask others I’m clueless)

so unsure…what is up with this …look on coinbase again…see if it went thru despite your efforts to muck

it up

again good luck

only bitstamp can fix this for you

You you’ve lost 41.4 LTC?

Those LTC are, in fact, recoverable by bitstamp (and only bitstamp).
If they decide to recover your coins and credit them to your account, a manual action on their end will be needed.

Open a support ticket with them. If they decide to help you, I bet a recover fee
will be charged for the service. Be prepared to lost from 10% to 30% of stuck amount.

Next time, please double check. This is going to be a hard and expensive lesson.