GTX 10 series new miner help


looking forward to the read


here’s the post…as you can tell I was going back and forth a lot and since then I got a better internet connection…I was only getting 30MB/s up and 6-10 MB/s Down when I made the post…now I get 200 MB/s down and around 20 MB/s up and the results are even better…then main thing you can see with this is how my latency went way down from around 1 minute per share turned into the pool down to around a third of a second

started on P2pool and got the same results on…however I swear they throttle their incoming connections after a while because when I’d restart it about every 2 hours it would go fast again…almost like my card was always getting caught up to the cache waiting on my proxy sever…(which I ran locally…this is all on one machine)
…the key is you cant use the same port to send as you do to receive and forward the receiving port to a static ip that the proxy is running on…
so the miner scrypt for was ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u x -p x -etc…
and the proxy server scrypt was mining_proxy.exe -o -p 3333

forwarding port 3333 on my route to the static ip address I assigned to the pc
forwarded pot 9327 to for p2pool…which it says to do in the readme instructions


Tried to follow that post, but its like starting a book on chapter 8. Did you ever post a tutorial for setting it up? would make a great tutorial


sure I can do that…I need to remind myself and reset up a few things with my connection anyways…will be in touch…check out…I recommend watching some introductory videos on youtube from “Eli The Computer Guy”…he explains networking very very well…TCP/IP,VPN, Proxy Servers…he has videos on all that…


Just sounds like this would slow things down


understanding how your networking is connecting to the external sever is basically what I was trying to accomplish with the p2pool post…tweaking is the key to optimal results though…I recently got a AC wifi connection going with dual routers at my house which gave me 10x faster internet connection so I can send and receive to the pools faster or to other nodes faster if I am mining solo…I now have 10 gbit bandiwth at true 1 gigabyte /sec speed…where before I only have 30 mbytes/s at a 5 gb/s band…they advertise 5G speed but that’s just bandwidth and has nothing to do with how fast the in/out connection is…that’s just the amount of information that can be contained in a packet…5g is 5 gigabits of information

know the difference between a bit and a byte?
a bit is a piece of information and a byte is a unit of measurement

I now have less stale shares…no loss of shares due to no response from the pool…(happens quite often on slow connections)

I am earning more now because I am turning in 3 times the amount of shares per hour with the same hash rate…latency is a huge factor in mining


a good example is the block erupter cube that I mine bitcoin with…it wont connect to slushpool directly using the GUI and the 10MB/s Ethernet card that came on it so I have to run a proxy on my gigabit card machine and the cube connects to it just fine and then the proxy to the pool


Ha, I actually was thinking of building a block errupter farm with one of my raspberry pi’s and a powered USB hub.


Are you really sure to use gtx 10 in mining? Anyway, it’s up to you but make sure you cover youtself while mining and use best free vpn


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