Gridseed boards help with power (no barrel plugs there?)

Hi guys I’m new to crypto and hoping for some help. Here’s the story…

I picked up 2 boards on a heatsink pretty cheap. The listing said they were Gridseed Gblade boards, and said power cables included. I did some research on Gridseed blades and watched the videos on wiring up to a psu, and using a 12v 5-7amp adapter with barrel plug. I noticed the color of the boards were not the same as the ones I’ve been seeing online, and the pics I couldn’t zoom in enough to really see everything but I just assumed it was from a larger/smaller model like the 25MH one or the 2board 5mH little tubes.

Anyways I get them yesterday and there are No barrel plugs on them lol. In addition to that I have no idea what sort of plug it is that it does have. And in addition to that the wires seem awfully small gauge for them.

They are 8 pin, flat connectors with 4black 4 red smallish gauge wires.

I’ve read posts about the polarity being backwards on some of these boards which also scares me.

It doesn’t actually say Gridseed on it anywhere. Googling the writing hasn’t helped me so far but I’m still looking. Again the listing said Gridseed Gblade 1 blade - 2boards - 5MH/s, 40 chips per board. It does have 40 chips per board.

They are red and the writing says D25419h 1418 and then under that LTC VERA 2014-0423. The chips are the same as I’m seeing on Gridseed Orbs, the GC3355.

I’m thinking my options are going to be to try and find an adapter or cut it and put the wires into a PCIe plug? Can anyone tell me what type of plug this is? What should I do?

Was very sad to see no barrel plugs on it as far as ease of buying power block on amazon.

Thank you for the help.
Ok I don’t see a way to upload pics so

you have to use a ribbon cable to power those grideseed boards…do a search for a “breakout board” and that gridseed does 4 reds on one side and 4 blacks on the other for power then you use the other plug with something like 12 pins for the data…or use usb if it has that…but to power them you need a breakout board and a server power supply that uses a breakout board as well…barrel connectors fry easily anyway…i got 2 gblade boards both with fried barrel connectors I am just goin to bypass with a breakout board