Goal369 Where you can bet using litecoins on soccer matchs



What is it?
A site where you can bet on exact score for futbol soccer matchs. Each match has a pot and each score is a bet, if you win, you take all the pot. Share with friends, more bets means bigger pot.

How do I use it?
You can use Litecoins to fund you account and start betting, each bet has a fixed price 0.02LTC by now. Also there is a testnet instance where you can use Litecoins from testnet to give a try of the platform. testnet.goal369.com

Why should I care?
If you love futbol soccer, or love to bet or just have (same that us) WorldCup fever, you’ll enjoy a lot the platform. There is a big change that you can also win Litecoins!

How do I get help?
Just give a try using testnet or livenet. Bet and play, let us know if you have any questions.

Enter Goal369 at goal369.com
Enter Testnet instance at testnet.goal369.com
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