Giga Watt ICO L3+ hosting 3.3c kwh for 50 years

Giga Watt has a pretty interesting ICO you lock in 3.3cents kwh for 50 years and you can also rent tokens out to other miners. The minimum rental rate using the calculator on their website shows 36% return, goes much higher from there but for a min 36% rental rate when not hosting your own miners that sounds pretty sweet. Only bummer is they are sold out of L3+ but I emailed to see if I can order from Bitmain and have it shipped directly to them. They do say you can ship them your miners you have to fill out a contact form. Their instagram shows progress is going fast building out “giga pods”
It’s $1.05 per token which represents one watt and they do on site repairs of miners which is much better than shipping back to Bitmain in China and paying shipping and missing mining income for two weeks. Anyway it’s one of the rare ICO that looks interesting especially for miners


I agree. I participated in the token sale and was lucky enough to buy some L3+s during one of their batch sales. I’ve been impressed with the team and am excited about working with them.

Here’s a video of one of the pods with comments by CEO Dave Carlson

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I just bought a couple of L3+ from Bitmain, they started accepting Litecoin! Probably going to have them shipped to Giga Watt for hosting unless they become available again on Giga Watt website then I’ll buy directly from them.
yeah this token is great, even when not mining you can generate good returns renting tokens out.
I’m pretty sure I need the PSU from Bitmain for hosting at Giga Watt and the Bitmain website says it will be available on June 20. Once they are on the website I’m going to contact Giga Watt and see if I can have it shipped directly to them from Bitmain to save on shipping. So I’ll order some more L3+ with PSU from Bitmain and have it shipped to Giga Watt. Those tokens really are the best investment ever for miners.

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Yes, you’ll need the PSU.[quote=“Liquid, post:3, topic:3850”]
yeah this token is great, even when not mining you can generate good returns renting tokens out.

True, my setup is going to be 3BTC 4LTC 2ETH which will leave some tokens to rent while I wait for them to make more coins available (Z-cash?) and I get a better understanding of the business.

I would contact head of sales, Hayden Gill at giga-watt directly: He’s generally very responsive, whereas the ordering process on their website doesn’t always get a response. [quote=“Liquid, post:3, topic:3850”]
Those tokens really are the best investment ever for miners.

I think so too. The team at giga-watt has access to the cheapest electricity in the world and really seem to have thought long and hard about optimising the mining pods. I’m very excited. Good luck!

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[quote=“Liquid, post:3, topic:3850”]
I’m pretty sure I need the PSU from Bitmain for hosting at Giga Watt

Yes, you’ll need the PSU.[quote=“Liquid, post:3, topic:3850”][/quote]
yeah that’s what I thought, wish I could have saved on shipping ordering them with the L3+ but I didn’t want them to go out of stock. With the recent rise in LTC prices and Bitmain now accepting LTC I figured if I waited they might not have any left in stock. No big deal, especially with the rising LTC prices a little extra for shipping isn’t a problem.

Thanks for the email for Hayden, once the PSU is available on Bitmain website if the L3+ is in stock I’m going to contact him about having a couple of L3+ with PSU shipped directly to Giga Watt, so that email will come in handy. Exciting times ahead, for litecoin and Giga Watt ICO investors! :ltc:

Call me over cautious but I wouldn’t trust them yet with my investment !!!

They used the Bitmain logo and Bitmain got upset. Anyway CEO of Giga Watt quit Microsoft and has been mining Bitcoin since 2012 judge for yourself
And friendly local government in Washington State, short interview with economic development board on local radio mentions Giga Watt and how they leased land to them for 50 years to spur the local economy.
They’ve also been hosting miners for years and nobody ever got screwed over, and they are building with their own funds, started long before ICO

It’s good to be cautious, and if you don’t feel safe obviously don’t invest. I just think out of all the ICO’s with nothing but whitepapers this is the safest I’ve seen. Doesn’t mean there are no risks but the rewards are pretty good so I felt safe enough to make a decent investment but obviously didn’t go nuts and mortgage my house and invest all my coin lol. Anyway hopefully this project works out and there are others like it to decentralize mining and also keep it from being concentrated in China which isn’t good for decentralization.

Thinking about adding some more L3+ to Giga Watt, tokens went up to $1.10 but still incredible deal since you get 3.3c kwh or minimum rental rate returns 36% so not worried about that. just sucks Bitmain raised the price and difficulty is rising. Anyone else buying this batch and having htem shipped to Giga Watt?

Well I can’t even find info on scrypt pow miners…ONLY btc miners

ok I’m assuming I’m wrong

at current 1.10 per token and an 800 watt L3+ (plus 10% as site says)

is 880 x 1.10 is 968 usd for a hosting and elec for a Bitmain L3+ again at 800 watts

do you pay 3.3c kwh on top of this?


here is their calc

Well it looks like the work of an over-zealous marketer on their team. The project otherwise looks to be quite legit and the ICO is progressing well. I’d buy.

They finally got Panda miner back in stock, I got a couple to hedge against litecoin difficulty. Since it’s GPU you can get ETH and it does ZEC too and just exchange for Litecoin. Plus I like the idea of dumping mined ETH daily for the true number 2 alt LTC :sunglasses:

The panda miner is still in stock, but I found out the advertised hashrate is old, due to DAG size increase in ETH it only mines 208MHS not the 237 listed on the website. Still at 3.3c kwh and ability to mine other GPU coins it should ROI. I already have L3+ so this is my hedge against difficulty rising too fast, I’ll mine shitcoins and dump them for LTC :grin:

I think some folk on bitcointalk have a specialty thread where they got that back up to 237 plus…just saying…I don’t own one but remember reading about it…they also got rid of the chine build of enterprise to a legit one if I remember right

anyway just in case you did not know this