Get 1 LTC for helping me on Loafwallet 0 balance


I’ve sent 9 litecoins to my Loafwallet but after days it’s 0.

I’ve tried every solution on the web for this issue.

Please take a loot at TX

I’ve imported loafwallet in other wallets like Jaxx … with Private Key and Seeds but still 0 transferd.

It’s “not redeemed” and shows “unspent”.

I’ll pay 1 ltc to thank anybody who help me get my litecoins back from Loafwallet.


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Hey, I do think I can help you.
Have you tried to rescan the blockchain? Or if that doesn’t work, try to write down your seeds then reinstall the wallet and recover it from your seeds (this might take a while).

Yes, I have rescaned the blockchain within the app many times.

what do you mean by reinstall? I’ve imported the wallet by seed in Jaxxx but still 0 balance.

The transaction looks good, if you have the private key (or loafwallet seed, of course) for LVHnPVwXYahddTYbL8f6G1v1RZvzGkWzuU you can most certainly get these coins.

When you recover from the seed you are using, does it show LVHnPVwXYahddTYbL8f6G1v1RZvzGkWzuU as one of your addresses for the wallet?

So I would suggest by writing down your Loafwallet seeds, delete Loafwallet and then reinstall Loafwallet.
You should press the button recover something from seed, input your seed and wait for couple of hour (it will rescan the blockchain)

I’ve tried this key LVHnPVwXYahddTYbL8f6G1v1RZvzGkWzuU with my loafwallet phrase but still nothing.
Actually Loafwallet does not show this address anymore. The address is changed now.

For your last Q the answer is No. new address is shown.

I’ve done this too but no luck at all.

Have you tried recovering the seeds in another device?