GenTarkin's MOD ~ KNC Titan Custom Firmware v1.0.4 release!

Hi all, my firmware has been around for some time. I just now noticed this forum lives at this new address so Im creating this post on the new forum for informational purposes. I will outline details of the latest version of my firmware at the bottom of this post. That version is v1.0.4

RELEASE of GenTarkin’s Mod ~ Custom KNC Titan Firmware v1.0.0 IS FINALLY HERE!!!

All information is available on my website:


Major Features, Additions, Fixes & Changes:
Added the long awaited “Energy Saver” feature – automatically tunes die voltages for highest effeciency while keeping the die stable as possible & hw% low. ~~MORE INFO see the ENERGY SAVER FAQ/HELP on my website! ~~
DCDC Over-Current protection – any DCDC’s detected above 46A will be issued a die reset, if that fails then die speed is clocked down significantly to prevent DCDC failure.
Long Term Stability checking for all dies – bumps voltage up on a die if it becomes unstable more than 2x in a period of 2 days.
Per RPI Cube Tracking – if cubes are added, removed or moved around their last known clocks and volts on a given pi will be restored.
Internet outtage / dead pool detection to prevent miner from constantly resetting itself.
Slight webgui redesign.
Product license activation.
Full Copyright & end user license information.
Much smaller installation file.

Additional Features, Additions, Fixes & Changes:
Full translation of webgui pages to 80+ different languages.
Logging file output format refined and also includes more timestamps now.
Optimized timing of die / cube soft and hard resets.
Fixed format of advanced.conf file not being updated properly when user changes/removes/adds cubes or manually sets dies OFF.
ADVANCED page now shows which dies(if any) are being throttled because of DCDC over temp threshold.
ADVANCED page now auto refreshes every 5 minutes.
Noticed in rare cases dies are configured with positive voltage – wrote correction code for this.
For “Energy Saver” implemented cross reboots internal data array tracking capability.
Ability for user to save Log Files to a file to be posted or emailed for diagnostic purposes. (This is part of the Energy Saver options).
Added BALANCE strategy to MINER page – this may work better than LOAD-BALANCE for some users.
Removal of BFGminer version option – in testing 5.1.0 works best with Titans – can re-add later on as an optional installation file if demand is high enough.
More fixes to KNC’s shoddy code.
And many more small fixes / improvements too numerous to list.

All the previous firmware features and improvements are included!

Now … you’re probably asking yourself “yeah yeah, but how much do all these wonderful new features cost?” Simple: $75 first full copy, $35 for additional licenses.

Verified Previous Customers: The upgrade to this firmware is completely FREE for the number of Titans the previous version was purchased. Additional Titans require additional license purchase. If you created an account here previously then you will find license keys issued to your account. NOTE If you have not created an account on this site and verified your previous purchases, please contact me - using the CONTACT page on my website.
New Customers: Prices as detailed above.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTICE – Upon upgrading to and activation of this firmware, its EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep track of which license was used on your KNC Titan(s). An easy way to do this is create backups of your Titan(s) after activating, then keep record of which backup went to which Titan.

[color=blue]FOLLOWUP REMINDER … [/b] is the ONLY and OFFICIAL source of my firmware currently!

All others are fake clones based on outdated and extremely buggy code.

GenTarkin’s Mod ~ Custom KNC Titan firmware v1.0.4 RELEASE NOTES - maintenance release

-Energy Saver: Fixed an issue where in some situations Energy Saver would get stuck on a stage in an infinite loop due to incorrect die counting results.

-Energy Saver: If incorrect die counting results still results in a loop for stages… wrote a fallback to guarantee no infinite loops would occur by forcibly going to the next stage if the current stage is running for over 48hrs.

-Energy Saver: If any dies are detected being auto-bypass when user starts Energy Saver, it will show a notification that those dies need to be set to OFF(and settings applied) prior to starting Energy Saver.

In short, if you installed my previous builds and had energy saver run for over a week…then its highly possible one of the stages is stuck in an infinite loop. This release will fix that.

note: The updated download file is found in your account if you purchased the “FULL COPY”
note: Prior to upgrading, please stop Energy Saver if its running. Then install upgrade, reboot then start Energy Saver.

PRODUCT NOTICE – upon purchasing / obtaining this software, the end user agrees to the license terms set forth here(this file is also contained in my firmware):

had to post this separate due to new user link count

ADDITIONAL FREEBIE if coming from KNC stock 2.00:
[color=blue]ANNOUNCEMENT: [/color]
Quick update for anyone interested and using GenTarkin’s MOD (my firmware)…

Ive tested knc 2.0.2 firmware and implemented it into my firmware as a free addon package.
Changes include -
new BFGMiner 5.4.2 from KNC for the Titan
an updated version of waas utility
I changed my licensing info a bit

Ive already sent out emails to my customer w/ the information.

More information on my website!

This 3rd party firmware works great! Brings back bad dies…has temp settings
has dead fan shut off setting .has energy eff test to save money

well worth the tiny amount he wants for it

I have had 10 knc Titans on this for more than 1 year. NO issues at all…beats the
knc firmware by miles

I fully agree with Searing. GenTarkin´s firmware is great!

Great to see you here at the forum!

Bought this firmware recently and this is in a no way “sponsored” review or something
so anyways bought it and it has more details and information on what is happening with the cubes
and the currents and heat etc also makes it a little bit easier to add a pool by adding scrypt parameter
and gives you more basic information of pool and shares etc and errors and also has kncminion installed with it
which is basicly a fancy more info addon for regular knc software also it enables you to set the % of your PSU
like most people who are familiar with hardware of computers and such then when you shop for a PSU they usually say something like 500w but they almost always only say that they can guarantee 85% of that power or 80% and it running stable etc or something around that so it is good, anyways you also have automatic fan protection and DCDC overheat protection and DCDC overcurrent protection (if you have fluctating power which is good because overcurrents can fk up your miner

so this basicly just gives more info about whats happening and gives you protection of failure by heat or overcurrent and i have not tested the powersaver feature so i can’t comment on that

Yeah i’m happy that i have it installed and it seems pretty nice so far =)

on my system (2014) as it gets older…the gen tarkin stuff brings back dies
that knc 2.02 can’t …just saying

also it will reboot and try more stuff to fix a die then just static knc firmware

main reason I like it is the above 2 reasons…I have some systems go down 4x a day
but they always come back quick and fixed…that never happened on knc’s firmware

my 2 ltc worth