Garlicoin Action. Did anyone else 'kill' on that with Scrypt-N and KNC Titans?

About 13 days ago, (till they forked this meme coin, garlicoin, due to thinking scrypt-n was ASIC resistant, er not…KNC Titans CAN do scrypt-N…thus a mess of Titans slam’d this coin…till they forked 13 days later)

Anyway, 13 days ago, I mined this with my Titans for giggles and rented some out on miningrigs site…did anyone else on here get on this train ride?

and N0, I’m not gonna pump and dump it, will just HODL, for giggles Garlicoin…I made more than enough
on the ones rented to mine this on miningrigs to justify running the titans the rest of the year on just sentiment…

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had any fun with feeling like BTC miner in 2009 and a cpu?

Was a heck of a lot of fun!

Actually, it has worked out as I hoped. They ‘forked’ guickly. What I mined is good. They got a lot of great

hype for a more or less unknown coin, due to a dead protocol from 2014 reviving and kicking their butt…

the price has doubled since they changed the algo and kicked the ASIC’s off…so hopefully, this press

and attention will let it survive…and this hoard of garlicoin will amount to something…

KNC Titans…truely evil and too evil to die…just when think in a few months they will be shut off…something

like this happens and BLAMO…I realize they may end up in the attic, but I can never sell them, being evil and all the curse would be too dire…

anyway, this is off topic thread…thoughts on this…anyone else get in on this action?

and as of today it is back to a GPU resisant coin again…win/win/win

anyway, as close to jihan wu of bitmain I will ever get for feeling the power of the dark side…(sob it was sooooo comforting) …

anyway post your thoughts here on this thread

but damn, it was a great way to liven the last 2 weeks or so!