Gamerbits ICO - with Omnicore Lite (Litecoin)

Gamerbits ICO

Hello again, this is Xijia from the Gamerbits Marketing Team,

Pleased to announce our Gamerbits currency’s ICO Crowdsale, aimed at decentralizing the manipulated and centralized tournament payouts and global rankings of the eSports Industry, especially in China.

We have created many versions using Litecoin technology, available in our many open source Github Repositories, and because of our extensive history with your technology, we are accepting it in our Crowdsale.

We are aware that Litecoin holders do not usually see ICO Crowdsale opportunities in your area, and are happy to extend that to you all. We are very bullish on Litecoin and will hold all investments with this currency for at least one calendar year from the end of our crowdsale, or face a forced refund (without asking for the Gamerbits back, so you get both) executed by our escrowers at MaidSafe and SAFE-FS.

We look forward to additional discussions on decentralization, Asia, our project, et cetera, and hope you will join in our Limited Capped ICO Crowdsale at! Thank you