From reddit. My view on LTC and the crypto space

I will be buying my first significant amount of LTC soon. Cash scares the shingles out of me atm.
I’m not rich, nor am I a gambler, I’m looking for methods to preserve wealth and if God willing gain wealth.

After some secondary research, my general thoughts on LTC is that it is the progressive cousin of BTC, where upgrades/alterations are more easily implemented due to the nature of the community.

I also like the idea of MWEB, and the way it was proposed (I found it funny and very satoshi-esk)

Primarily though, I’m looking to use LTC as a store of value beyond anything else. Sure LTC is better than BTC at being a currency, however that’s a trait held by most cryptos and is nothing special in this current state of crypto.

I think pegging LTC or BTC on other chains that are inflationary due to their focus on performance and overall utility is what turns btc and ltc into an asset comparable to gold and silver.

Say what you want about EOS and ETH but they both functionally do more because they were made with more functions in mind, blockchain space is interoperable and I believe that by the crypto space treating BTC as gold and… LTC as silver (don’t tell the maxis they get very angry), chains with REAL utility and performance can become virtual countries with their own virtual assets held by their users with pegged assets like btc, ltc, etc.


If you have not already researched, the platform “The Flare Network” will soon bring LTC first, then XLM, Doge, XRP and governance BTC, and others; I recommend doing so.

In addition to MWEB, LTC is about to get a considerable boost in utility through FLARE.

After looking at Flare, I’m really impressed. I do like their method of securing pegged assets via a Complete Turing.
If you’re interested you should look into Pnetwork /Ptokens, their method of securing pegged assets is different but still very intriguing


I completely agree. There is enormous potential underfoot, The Flare Network integrating with LTC. I believe Charlie knows a good thing when he sees it, donating to The Flare Network, along with others, as he did.

I just received this from a friend:

It would be good if LTC could make an appearance:

New room, just begun, for the ASSETS on Flare (includes LTC, XRP, Doge, XLM while leaving short discussion for coins they want to be added after launch):

For proactive networking members and readers only, speculators and drama are for elsewhere.

They are onto something.

The old room is defunct.

New rooms:

Broadcasted News only:

News and proactive civil discussion: Telegram: Contact @CoinsontheFlareNetwork

If interested, feel free to join.