From NBA NFT to Crypto Ultraman NFT, why is the NFT artwork so popular?

We are in an era of great migration, more and more assets, especially top Intellectual Property and collectibles, are migrating to the blockchain NFT, this is an inevitable trend in the digital age. This is a brand new world that collectors need a brand-new platform that separates itself from the heavy, trivial, and hard-to-change offline identity. Collectors really pay attention to the historical status, scarcity, intrinsic value, IP blessing, wealth effect, and innovation of NFTs. And other characteristics, it is these characteristics that make these NFT projects into people’s field of vision, so the popularity of NBA NFT and Crypto Ultraman is precisely because of this.

A new legend is born in the field of crypto art every day, and the Crypto Ultraman is the most dazzling legend recently.

Crypto Ultraman is the first blockchain-based Ultraman digital identity launched by the NFT Olympic Association. Crypto Ultraman, the top IP with a large fans base, will lead the Ultraman ecosystem to a new open era! A collection of 12,695 unique superman digital portraits. Although the basic frame of each digital work is similar, the portraits are different. The various elements on the frame are different, such as rarity, nirvana, physical strength, Attack and speed determine it has a total of 5 levels, but each Ultraman digital portrait is unique and scarce.
Crypto Ultraman and NBA Top Shot

There is no doubt that both Crypto Ultraman and NBA Top Shot have their own huge fan bases, such as the global Olympic fans in Ultraman and fans in the NBA. From the perspective of fan traffic in the circle, it is enough. Ignite the popularity of the works, so it is only natural to rank high.

The two have a high degree of similarity in terms of the rarity, content, theme, and expression of the work. The form of Crypto Ultraman is the scarcity of the card in the character image, rarity, nirvana, physical strength, attack, speed, etc. Unique on-chain collectibles for Austrian fans to collect, sell, trade, and launch Ultraman chain games later. The content of NBA cards is mainly the iconic actions of some star players. NBA fans buy, sell, trade and collect Digital iconic action of the season, and later will be online tournament gameplay content.
NFT Ultraman has taken a new step in open art

· NFT+Blind Box+Mining+Creation

In one sentence, the NFT is obtained by opening the blind box, and the NFT can be held to participate in the mining and creation of works. There are two forms of cards here, one is not synthesized called NFT block, the other is successfully synthesized into NFT Ultraman, players need to gather four blocks to synthesize a complete NFT Ultraman, according to its attribute rarity It can be auctioned for higher value. A total of 12,695 unique Ultraman cards can be synthesized. The synthesized Ultraman NFT can be freely traded and will be permanently stored in the blockchain record.

· Crypto Ultraman NFT asset issuance

Crypto Ultraman NFT will use the blind box curve auction. The auction asset is the synthesized Crypto Ultraman. All players participating in the auction will get a complete NFT+2400 AMAN pass. The above rights are only for players participating in the curve auction. The time is limited to 14 days. It is also the concept of IP blind box. You don’t know what kind of attributes you will photograph. Of course, it will be announced after the 14-day auction ends.

The auction price adopts the curve auction often used by Defi projects. The starting price is 0.1 ETH, and then the auction price curve rises to 3 ETH as the auction data increases. The NFT obtained by the auction cannot be sold immediately, and it will take until the end of the 14-day auction, but it is not worthless. Buying an NFT can immediately get 2,400 AMAN. In addition, each NFT can be mined every day after it is officially launched. According to the current hash rate of the entire network, about 4000 AMANs can be mined a year.
· AMAN Tokens

Attributes: Participate in mining, work casting, and community governance rights

77% of AMAN tokens are produced by Crypto Ultraman NFT mining. How much each NFT can mine per day is determined by the percentage of hashes in the entire network. The platform supports free creators. Players need to consume 1200 AMAN tokens to cast their own Ultraman’s works are on the chain, and AMAN also has the right to govern the community. The official team said that the expansion and growth of the huge Crypto Ultraman system will be decided by AMAN holders, such as through voting, technical iteration, ecological development, contract parameters, etc.

· Creator’s Vision

The mission and vision of the Global NFT Ultraman Association: Carry forward the spirit of Ultraman, and create a civilized era of Ultraman’s assets on the chain. Serious, hard work, cooperation, and growth. The precious IP of Superman’s childhood memories has become the world’s favorite NFT collection.

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