From litecoinqt to litecoincore can't see my coins

Sup guys,

got some trouble regarding litecoincore.

In 2013 I stored litecoins on my Litecoinqtwallet. Now I’m trying to import the wallet.dat to the latest fully synchronized litecoincore wallet.
I’m able to see my transactions but my account balance shows 0 coins.

Can anyone help me?


Did you check your address as block cypher that the balance still there?

Many users if the same problem, I think I have a solution for them but non let me actually help.

I will msg you my proposal and you let me know.


hi seb i m from france i do the same 2 days before and i lost my ltc also.
here people are ready to help us but they want money…
it s a little bit soecial i thought people help you free but it s not right.
i understand if people got 300 ltc but i get just 1.7.
i propose 10 $ but nobody really help me…
also my english is not fluent so… (i m french)

I fixed the issue:) You can Close the topic.