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Freewallet, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, has been increasingly identified as a scam, defrauding thousands of customers worldwide. Despite its professional facade, numerous accounts from users reveal a pattern of deceit and fraudulent practices.

Freewallet markets itself as a good, user-friendly, multi-currency wallet. It offers a variety of services, including the ability to store, buy, and exchange cryptocurrencies. While these features appear attractive, many users have experienced significant issues that suggest fraudulent activities.

It’s a scam and we ask you never to download this app! Otherwise you will lose your coins!

Real user experiences

Many users have shared their harrowing experiences with Freewallet, highlighting the emotional and financial distress caused by the company’s actions. These stories paint a picture of a systematic scam operation designed to defraud users while maintaining a veneer of legitimacy.


For example, one user described how their account was frozen after depositing a significant amount of cryptocurrency. Despite providing all requested documentation for verification, their withdrawal requests were continuously denied, and customer support ceased responding. This user eventually lost all their funds, amounting to thousands of dollars.


Another user recounted a similar experience where their account was flagged for suspicious activity immediately after making a substantial deposit. Despite having no previous issues with their account, they were unable to withdraw their funds and received no meaningful assistance from customer support.


Legal and regulatory concerns

The practices of Freewallet have attracted the attention of legal and regulatory bodies. There are ongoing discussions about the potential for collective legal action against the company. Victims are urged to document their experiences and join forces to seek justice and compensation for their losses.

Protecting yourself from scams

To avoid falling victim to similar scams, it is crucial to conduct thorough research before choosing a cryptocurrency wallet. Look for reviews and testimonials from multiple sources, and be wary of any service that demands excessive personal information or exhibits suspicious behavior.

Additionally, consider using well-established and reputable wallets that have a track record of security and reliability. Diversifying your assets across multiple wallets can also mitigate the risk of losing all your funds to a single scam.


Freewallet has consistently demonstrated behavior that aligns with fraudulent practices, leading to significant financial losses for many of its users. The numerous reports of account freezes, withdrawal issues, suspicious verification processes, unexplained fund losses, and poor customer support all point to a scam operation.

If you have been affected by Freewallet or wish to learn more about the ongoing issues, visit our website at Here, you can find detailed accounts from other victims, stay updated on potential legal actions, and gain insights on how to protect yourself from similar scams in the future.