Freewallet exchange: service that steals coins!

Today it is difficult to find an honest review of Freewallet exchange. The reason lies in the fact that the administration of Freewallet org spares no expense in ordering flattering articles and comments. If you read them, you might get the impression that this application is the best and most reliable. But in fact, clients who used Freewallet exchange usually lost their deposit. The reason is that, under the guise of KYC, the administration simply bans the user and takes his coins and tokens for himself.

One of the victims of the actions of Freewallet exchange shared a scan of a statement addressed to law enforcement officers. In it, a woman tells how she spent a long time sending small amounts from her wallet. But at some point she received a large transaction. After which the account was frozen, and support has been ignoring tickets for 3 months. The victim has already written 14 messages, provided all documents, including selfies and videos. But the administration never unblocked the account.

Freewallet exchange is one of the services that attracts customers, but in the end, users lose their savings.

Never download Freewallet

A good crypto wallet gives users the ability to anonymously receive and send assets. Freewallet has nothing to do with this. The service rules directly state the administration’s right to block accounts and require verification. But this would not be so scary if we compare, for example, Freewallet exchange with other similar services. The problem is that under the guise of KYC, the administration steals assets.

Look at independent resources for honest reviews. You will see dozens of complaints about illegal wallet freezing. And support not only does not help clients: their requests are simply ignored! If you download Freewallet, you will lose coins!

Can you get your assets back?

Yes it is possible. But this requires active action. First, you need to prepare and submit an official statement to the police, following the example of what the woman did in the top screenshot. Detailed instructions are in this article. In addition, it is important to make your case public and attract the attention of the community. Only such pressure will allow the return of assets stolen by Freewallet exchange.

But the best way to save money is to not install fraudulent apps. Do not download Free wallet. It’s a scam!

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