Freewallet: another appeal about wallet fraud

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect cryptocurrency users from fraud, we have come across another disturbing case involving the infamous cryptocurrency wallet Freewallet Freewallet. Recently, a user from Russia contacted us with a disturbing story that exemplifies the deceptive tactics used by Freewallet.

The person, who preferred to remain anonymous, registered on Freewallet around April 21-22 and funded his wallet with a significant amount of $6,400. However, by April 26, he found that he could not access his funds because the wallet was stuck on an endless loading screen. Desperate and worried, the user contacted Freewallet support for help.

After contacting support, access to the wallet was temporarily restored, suggesting that the site’s algorithm had automatically blocked the user’s login. However, this was only the beginning of the ordeal. The user was then asked to provide details of all IP addresses from which the wallet was accessed and every transaction made. Despite the invasive nature of these requests, the user complied and thoroughly documented everything in his email correspondence.

As another demonstration of Freewallet’s manipulative tactics, the user was asked to record a video from another exchange account, Bings, showing the transaction on which he had sent the money. Again, the user complied, hoping to resolve the problem and regain access to his funds.

Despite complying with all of these requirements, the user’s problem remains unresolved. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Freewallet is using these endless verification steps not as a legitimate security measure, but as a tactic to frustrate and ultimately steal users’ funds.

The cases are recurring

This case is not an isolated incident. We have received numerous reports from users all over the world who have experienced similar issues with Freewallet. Apparently, the administrators of the application use KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures as a cover for their fraudulent actions, blocking accounts and denying withdrawals under the pretext of security checks.

Our job is to stop these scammers and protect users from falling victim to their schemes. If you have experienced similar problems with Freewallet, we urge you to spread the word. Share your story with us at [freewallet-report @tutanota [dot] com]. Together we can expose these scams and prevent others from being scammed.**

For those who have been affected, we offer assistance in documenting evidence of fraud and drafting legal appeals to the appropriate authorities. Our goal is to ensure that all victims are able to recover their stolen funds and that Freewallet is held accountable for its actions.

Be vigilant and remember that your voice matters in the fight against cryptocurrency fraud.

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