Free Dogecoin for Litecoin Miners!

This is not a scam. I’m the owner of in Arizona, USA and I’m giving away free DOGE!, LLC will be celebrating its 15th year in business on July, 7th 2021 by giving away 15.07072006 Dogecoin to each of the top 100 Active Miners on our P2Pool node when me mine our next Litecoin block.

Your free 15.07072006 DOGE will be sent in addition to your regular and 500:1 bonus earnings on P2Pool within 24 hours of mining the next block on our node.

(Hint: There are only 15 miners on our P2Pool node right now, so you have a very good chance of being in the top 100 Active Miners!)

No signup required. Good luck!


“Big money! Big prizes! I love it!”

I airdropped 15.07072006 DOGE to each of the 24 Active Miners on’s Litecoin P2Pool node at Noon (MST) today as an extra surprise bonus to celebrate our 15 year anniversary on 7/7/21.

Thanks for mining with us at!

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Thank you for providing this opportunity. However, I’m still not sure how true this is. Such profitable opportunities are usually a deception.

Same seem not get yet nothing to my wallet

Payouts occur every time the global P2Pool network mines a Litecoin block. Our last block was on 7/4/21.


I am a physicist new into the mining arena of Litecoin. I know what I’m doing but I am new to the cryptocurrency social network and its antics. I have several methods of maximizing the potential of a particle field in order to hash out a greater quantity of higher quality litecoin blocks for the litecoin ecosystem. This is my gift to Litecoin.

I am interested in using your node to mine using my solo mining algorithm if you can provide some technical support to help get my mining operation up and running. I would like to start proving my statistics on a network where I actually receive at least 50% or something reasonable, down to 25% of the mining profits. Yes, I am interested in sharing this development with someone and am highly motivated by this fascinating commodity. Please reach out to me so we can talk about a partnership.

I have a DOGECOIN farming culture and Litecoin culture.

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No. You are not a physicist. You are just a fool. If you truly were a physicist, you would complain about how Litecoin and Dogecoin (unlike Circcash) have mining algorithms that were never designed to solve any scientific problems.

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