Found someone else's wallet with LTC

Found someone else’s wallet with LTC. How to find the owner to transfer coins?

Can I post a video here in this thread with the wallet and its signature?

Nobody even answered. I’ll upload a video so you can understand what I’m talking about.

@Cryptosource @Kelvinlite I’m looking for a wallet owner, why do I need support?

I dont know if this is a cheap scam attempt or not but just transfer out 1 LTC. If the person is observing that wallet he will notice that someone has access to it. If that person wont notice it, hes dead and doesnt know about his wallet. Its up to you what you do next with it.

Those two users that responded to you are scammers, I’ve banned them.

Let that wallet finish syncing. Chances are most of that 20k LTC will have been spent. Also how did you find this wallet.dat?

As far as I remember, I exchanged data files. I have more than 300 of them, different coins.
Address LRoTa1CuHh6yn6RsLgzfZsoE8demhndZpu I understand that you can keep them, but if someone shows up and claims that these are his coins, what should I do in such a situation?

The chances of you finding someone else’s Litecoin address’ private key is really, really low, let alone an address with lots of coins. But if this is real, it’s like winning the lottery I guess.

Keep the coins, maybe consider donating some to the Litecoin Foundation or something too.

Thank you. Above is a screenshot of a YouTube video where I take out the private key and sign a message with this address.

From what I understand, you are trying to sell the private key for 20k LTC for 0.08BTC. This is not allowed on this forum, as the potential for a user to get scammed is very high.

This is for the owner only, it is not a sale, but a reward if he allows me to transfer it from his wallet.